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Hello :)
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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Food Poisioning !

This is my very first time, I have encounter quite serious food poisoning !

I think the main culprit would be the Si Ham aka cockles in my curry noodles I ate for lunch a few days ago as *I puke curry out* :(

I have been vomiting for the past few days especially on the first day itself right after each meal I consume!

Went to the clinic on the very first day, felt a bit better but after 2 days, same thing happened to me again. This time I ate my fav Wan Tan Hor and puke all my Wan Tan Hor !! That very second I puke out, I almost gonna swear that I would never eat Wan Tan Hor EVER AGAIN! Because it was so stink and disgusting !!!!

Went to see Doctor again and was told that this time it was not food poisoning anymore but a serious gastric problem FML.

I have to eat 8 different type of medication! this is the most I have eaten so far in my life.

Ate my plain porridge today and I felt that the taste was so unbearable.
I respect very much the days that my Gong Gong and Po Po have to eat plain porridge everyday in order to survive during their hardship.

For me eating plain porridge is too bland and very hard to sallow, I literally closed one eye in oder to eat/drink all of it. I try putting a bit of sugar and soya sauce to make it more appetising but the taste is still Bland :(

Hope I this food Poisoning can help me to develop a better immune system !! *keep positive*

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